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Delivery Day - March 19th, 2002

Some six weeks after I left the Velocity Builders Center carrying just the manual and a lot of photos the great day arrived - Delivery Day. Velocity contracts with Dan Fast to deliver their kits - although you are free to take it home if you wish on the back of a truck. If you take delivery at the factory then you end up paying Florida sales tax.

Dan had several Velocities in his truck and of course mine was the last one to be delivered so my plane traveled from Florida, to Texas, to Southern California and finally to me. One of the more exciting days I've had.

The garage was clean and I had already built the wing storage rack using measurements I took at David Doshay's house. The intervening time I had browsed the tools section at various stores and bought lots of them !!

Dan (the Delivery Man) arrived on schedule, March 19th, 2002. My neighbors Merle and Al came to see what all the fuss was about and help unload the goodies. 

Truck ar home small.jpg (65543 bytes) This is one of the most photographed truck/trailers in the US, everyone takes a photo of it outside their home. Dan can fit four kits in there.
First piece.jpg (530593 bytes) Here's Dan unloading the first piece. My friend and neighbor Al Stock is checking out the rest of the truck.
Fuselage and Topper.jpg (495303 bytes) Here's our dog, Topper, looking at the large pile of bits in his driveway.
Fuselage and bits in garage 1.jpg (499280 bytes) At the end of the day the fuselage and wings were in the garage with several boxes of bits and ready for me to check the inventory - all 18 pages of it. At the back of the garage you can see the "W" shaped storage rack with the wings in it and resting on the floor, you can also see the frame I made from 2x4. The wings were later hoisted up using pulleys so they are stored above the floor and out of the way.

After a weekend of checking and storing things away everything was present and accounted for - nice job Natalie at Velocity.

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